needed to write this. Name drops have been dropped.

I saw/felt/quasimodo’d you slipping away two weeks ago. I felt your demeanor switch, I notified you about it like… days ago. Less hearts more dry less talking less hours, more “I hate you” etc. something so blatant that I couldn’t disregard. I felt like you would never like me from the start, no idea how but to much dismay of whom?, and once you tried to solidify your reasoning as to why, “I’ve had instant connections with only a small amount of people,” and other things I could just see the silent coup occurring. It hurt a ton. I pressed on because I cared, and I still do.

With REDACTED and REDACTED I could never push myself to care for them too deeply since they were super boring among other things. I was confused when you tried slamming into me “I don’t like you,” as if I didn’t know… I pushed the minuscule thought of dating you to the back of my mind early; I wasn’t going to demean you like the “others.” I’m a person that enjoys digging deep and understanding someone (Uh.. I’ve worked in the field office here in CLT not only for the CART team but for (of course) BA stuff as well. SN: I met REDACTED there as well!) I felt bad that your friends were rallying you about me, and subsequently rallying me as well; I should’ve done more to stop it.

I’ve watched as you’ve captivated people, REDACTED, audiences, myself for a quite short period of time. It’s just interesting. It’s different. Nobody I know can offer the high octane “ahhhhhh” akin to REDACTED freaking REDACTED, something I personally have craved. But my wants and needs are second to yours. This may sound weird, but I’ve read “Love is the Killer App,” and I feel that this is the best way forward.

I want what’s best for you, I truthfully love you, and I would do anything I can for you, easily. As the saying goes, I’m here for a long time that has it’s peaks and valleys and not for a particularly short but only good time. (Fun Fact: It’s not “you’ve peaked my interest” it’s actually “you’ve piqued* my interest” another French loan word.)

Not having feelings as well as being tough 247 is overrated.